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Hundreds of miles separate Aldar from the Kingdom, yet Aldar, needing a critical medicine called coralin, must reestablish its old trade connections. In Bornlord, Book 2 of the Bornlord Saga, a force of courageous sword fighters manages to thread the complex web of actions that allows it to bring a supply of coralin home. In Return to Tibernia, book 3, the story continues.After accompanying the armsors north to Aldar, Prince Aleel of the Kingdom leads his troopers, accompanied by a number of Aldaran representatives, on the return journey back to his homeland. Their party is attacked by Nomers and sent fleeing across the river into snake-infested marshlands. The dangers here can possibly be navigated, unlike what Aleel faces when he accuses General Black, advisor to the Kingdoms ruler, of being a traitor.On another journey of danger, the four Aldarans from the original force sent to find coralin make their way east across the Kingdom with the troops joining the army that is assembling to go against the Nomers. The mission of the four Aldarans is to find how coralin is made, but they learn nothing in battle and end up in a crazy trek into the Nomer-infested heart of the grasslands.Luck almost runs out for the four, but it is partly their assistance at the end that gives Prince Aleel hope: their help plus that of new friends and old, and from sometimes pretty unexpected sources. It seems that dealings between Aldar and the Kingdom is doomed to be managed in the typical Aldaran style of determination, humor, loyalty, and compassion.

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