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Vampire Andrej Vojacek lives a comfortable life in New York, toying with criminals to amuse himself and make a living, enjoying the comforts of the twenty-third century. But the low-level thugs Andrej thought he was dealing with turn out to be more powerful and threatening, forcing him and his human assistant Anne-Marie to flee. The pair quickly relocates across the globe, only to encounter even greater dangers. To outwit zealous vampire hunters, plus the commanding vampire lord who wants to make Anne-Marie one of this own, Andrej turns to his old vampire friend Neko. Neko finds himself enamored with Anne-Marie, causing friction and rivalry between the two vampires. Should Neko be trusted? Now that the drug cartel has resurfaced, the vampire hunters are still pursuing the trio, and Anne-Marie is hunted by the vampire lord, the three have only each other to rely on as their foes close in.

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