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Kron Darkbow has fled the city of Bond, along with healer mage Randall Tendbones and professional duelist Adara Corvus. Everywhere they turn are enemies. With a price on their heads, old foes on their trail, and dangers waiting for them along the road and in every village, it seems nowhere is safe. Even the goal of their travels offers no peace, for the group rides to the land of Kobalos where Randall must face that nation’s Lord Verkain, the alleged Dark King of the North. But before Kron, Randall and Adara can make their way to Kobalos, there are demons to avoid, monsters to slay, assassins to defeat, and the country of East Ursia to pass, a land where Adara is wanted and wizards such as Randall are put to death. Then there are the Prisonlands, Kron’s old stomping grounds, where the prisoners are now armed and free, and are taking their vengeance on all who cross their path. OTHER BOOKS IN THE KOBALOS TRILOGY: City of Rogues: Book I of The Kobalos Trilogy Dark King of The North: Book III of The Kobalos Trilogy Blade and Flame: Prequel to The Kobalos Trilogy (short story) The Kobalos Trilogy OMNIBUS edition, collects all 3 original novels of trilogy -------------------------------------------- "Once again, Ty Johnston has written a winner. ... As always, the writing style of this author makes each of his books a joy to read." -- Lauralynn Elliott, author of THE GNOME "My reaction to this book was similar to my reaction to City of Rogues. The story is irresistible. It drew me in completely. There was no question that I would keep reading ..." -- Brent Nichols, author of LORD OF FIRE "Johnston is also known as a horror writer, and his talents there serve him well in some of the darker aspects of the story. The last third of the second book in particular, is quite chilling ..." -- Jesse Flohrs, Fantasy Faction

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