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Ronnie Coleinger – A Winter Collection This eBook contains fiction short stories written by Ronnie during the long cold winter of 2013. All of the stories in this collection, further the adventures of Monique, possibly to conclusion. Monique not only sires a sorcerous son, but also finds many new friends that join her in the Seine Mountains. Global winter looms over the planet and many have lost trust in the government to provide for the basic needs of the population. Those who are unable to fend for themselves will soon find survival impossible. An Excerpt Natalie and Ginger stood at the door of their barn looking out towards the northwest. They could hear the sounds of heavy earthmoving equipment working. The construction site for the new hotel was over six miles away, but sound travels far in the backwoods of the Seine Mountains where the sounds of a falling dead tree is about the loudest noise humans ever hear. As the girls stood talking, two young sister black cats weaved around and rubbed against the girls legs, trying to earn some attention from the humans. As Ginger kneeled down and began scratching behind the cats ears, the sounds of their purring drowned out the distant excavators and chair saws. Natalie said, “I guess we need to gather up our backpacks and some supplies and walk over to the construction site and see what on earth is going on over there. I suspect our days of peace and quiet here on this mountain are over. We may have to move deeper into the forest and abandon this homestead.” When the girls had their backpacks and sleeping bags packed, they headed out towards the main road. The winding footpath from the cabin to the road was about a mile walk. It was an hour or so before noon and the girls knew they would have to walk fast to reach the construction site before dark. As they reached the main road, they spotted two black cats sitting in the center of the road. When the girls walked up to the cats, Natalie said, “Blacky, Monique, good to see you again. We are going to walk up the road to look at the construction site where they are building the new hotel. We left Fatin and Ahti at the cabin to look after things. They both said to tell their mother and father hello.” Blacky looked up and said, “We will stop in and visit them after we go to the hotel with you. We need to see why the humans are destroying the mountain to build another place for humans to spend the money they work all week to earn.”

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