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The complete Sacrifice series in one box set Contains book 1-3 Book 1: Bridal Sacrifice For Keira, life is not a fairy tale. Growing up in a witch clan, she was nothing but a treasure, for others to take power from. Now at the age of 19, running from the wedding that was meant for her to be sacrificed, she has nowhere to go other than a witch, hoping to survive from her clan members. Just when she thought, she survived everything her soon to be a husband who was supposed to be dead returns with every determination to take her soul and leave her insane.    For Alexander, everything has been easy. You either love him or hate him with all you have. So when he needs the soul that can make him more powerful than he is, he'll use everything he can to make Keira his. But in the game of trust, she refuses to give into his charms and he dreads to feel something for her.    And just when both of them thought things couldn't get any worse, an old Reaper comes back to hunt both of them, forcing them to team up to save themselves. Now it can work between Alex and Keira, but only-   If the other doesn't kill one first.    Book 2: Unknown One murder and two cases.    That's exactly what took Amy Gill to go to prison. Now she's determined to prove everyone that she's not the killer. But it proves not to be an easy job when she suddenly started to see her boyfriend who she supposedly killed. And it's definitely isn't going her way, when her boyfriend tries to kill her in every step, sleep or awake. Now her life has gone to a whole new level of intensity when she's sent to an asylum for her mental behavior. Her secret- she's a Reaper. And her only goal? Escape the asylum.    Detective Harrison got a new case of a murder and the fire in the asylum. All he got for a clue? A diary of a girl from the asylum. His secret- He's a warlock. And his only goal? Find out about the only witness that can help him solve the case.    But it's not as easy as they both thought when one has the Deshayes bloodline and other is a warlock. And it's definitely not easy when the door of hell is verged to be open-   Only to unleash hellhounds to take over the earth.    Book 3: Claimed  Keira Deshayes has finally returned to earth. With her fiancée Demon King Xavier, she can't ask more of a good life than she's living. Hell! She's the Demon Queen who has the power to awaken a dead. She knows and believes it. But deep down the memories of a time is haunting her to ask questions that might end her up in losing her life.    Alexander can't be more than happy to know that his wife has escaped hell. But all hell breaks loose as he learns his wife has a fiancée who is executing all the witches from this earth. Caught up in lies, deceits, betrayal Alexander has no choice but to team up with his friends to destroy their one last enemy. And then-  It's time to reclaim his possession.  

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