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Music, magic, demons, and gods... Once a respected arranger of musical magic rituals, Sarya dyr-Rusac is in exile after a wedding ritual she wrote goes tragically and inexplicably wrong. On the vast, empty steppes, as unprecedented disasters are beginning to afflict the world, she hears haunting new music in the wind that heralds terrible new forces at work in the world - or forces so old they have long been forgotten. In search of answers, Sarya returns to the musical Skola she left in disgrace. There, she confronts her past mistakes - and resumes her complicated relationship with the gloriously talented singer Adan Muari. Then a beautiful, nameless man in chains begins to appear in her dreams, begging her to sing the song she heard in the wind, the song that will set him free. Is he a god with the power to save the world - or the power to destroy everything she knows and loves? With time running out, Sarya must risk everything to discover the chained man's identity and the meaning of his song before the world itself is torn apart.

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