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Scarred follows the story of a man called Tot, as he travels through the Caliphate of Cordoba searching for two slave girls and 20000 gold dinars a Moor Lord has stolen from Girona. But what appears like a simple find and retrieve mission for the legendary Hunter, turns into a tangled mess of lies, betrayals and bizarre revelations from characters that aren’t what they appear to be. The year is 999 AD. The cousin of the Count of Girona attempts to negotiate a deal with a Moor Sahr (Sorcerer) named Al-Asmar. He wants the Sahr to reveal him the movements of Almanzor so he can put an end to the Great Hajib’s constant raids. The price is steep as along with gold the nobleman hands over his own daughter at the Moor’s request. When the Moor fails to honor the deal Lord Borrell turns to the shady people of the Lodge for help in retrieving both the gold and the girl. A renowned assassin named Tot the Nord arrives at their request to take the job. Brutal but extremely effective the legendary Hunter will cut through lies and opponents using his favorite tools. His blades. the story is set in the Living Sword Chronicles universe.

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