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In a mythical prehistoric version of Africa, ancient forces are awakening, yawning, stretching, and muttering sourly to themselves before deciding its time to get up and walk the earth again. An old evil is stirring, determined to reclaim the world it once lost, and the only ones with the power to stand against it have become too dim-witted to remember what theyre supposed to fight for, too dim-witted to even remember where they put their shoes. Or they would be, if theyd had any. A small group of people set out, not to save the world but to take care of whatever inane business they find important. With luck, they might just be scatterbrained enough to end up exactly where theyre needed. By pure accident, of course. With Scion, B. A. Seloaf has created an absolutely hilarious fantasy-comedy, where sheer stupidity might actually be what saves mankind in the end and where a womans underwear can determine whether shes a queen or a traitor. So lets roll the dice and see who ends up on top.

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