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Talia discovers a world beneath Medelthia that has taken her as a victim. Yet, through the pain, she finds love and salvation. She struggles with constant negativity surrounding her, while trying to stay positive about her future. She is worried though, what will happen to hers and Fiornam's baby? What will happen to her new love? Melinda is on a mission to find her twin sister. She would tear the human world apart to do it, but she wants to keep her father's temper at bay. She turns to a stranger, who turns out to be a very helpful person, and a very lovable person. Yet, his stern demands of her are that she does not fall in love with him. How can she control her heart? Peter has spent the past few decades in this tiny room, wishing away the days til he would be rescued. But all positivity was long lost to him, until the day Clara and Talia came into his life. They changed his life and he would lay that life down if it meant protecting them from the dangers of the blood ring.

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