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# Contents:- Lost and Found (3,000 word story)- Odditys Story (3,000 word story)- Vampire Mystery (3,000 word story)- Love and Sin (3,000 word story)- Treasure Hunter (Pirates #1 [Promotional Story])- Word Count: 16,700 words- Page Count: 88 Standard Book Pages*****# Lost and Found (Sin Fantasy Thriller Series #5)Someone has kidnapped an old woman who is connected with a powerful relic from the time gone by. In steps Sin on what he thinks is the easiest job ever. Imagine his surprise when a woman from his past and the Clues Gray – a lethal gang of thieves – step in to make life difficult for him. “An emotional roller coaster of a book.”(Please note the events in Lost and Found happen prior to Sin 4 and after Sin 3.)*****# Odditys Story (Sin Fantasy Thriller Series #6)Blake Barrows, the man destined to become Oddity, is a lowly lab assistant to Dr. Thompson, a famous inventor. One night, after cleaning up one of the doctors latest messes, he is attacked by a syringe wielding demon. The resulting transformation sends Blakes life into a tumble as the beast within calls for the death of all humanity. Thankfully, he regains control, but not before facing off with Sin and another of the demons experiments, Havoc. Can Blake retain his humanity and control the demon inside? Will he fall to the overwhelming power that is Havoc? Download and find out!*****# Vampire Mystery (Sin Fantasy Thriller Series #7)Sin is out investigating a case for the Chain of Peace - a powerful group of vampires. Partnered up with the hard boiled vampire Bloodwinkle, he must find the killer who is preying on the elderly and making it look like the work of a vampire.However, as the case unfolds, Sin starts to realize that there is more to this than the Chain of Peace are telling him. What follows is an intense battle to find the real killer before it can be covered up. Can Sin find the killer, while avoiding getting to caught up in the case and getting killed himself? What is the secret that Bloodwinkle is hiding, and what does this have to do with the Chain of Peace? Download and find out!*****# Love and Sin (Sin Fantasy Thriller Series #8)Love has entered the human world with one goal in mind: Kill Sin. Now Sin must face the fight of his life with demons coming at him from all sides, the mighty Havoc and Dr. Deformed returned, and Oddity reverted to his original form. Things couldnt be worse for Sin.The world is on its way to catastrophe and only Sin and his friends stand in the way of total darkness overwhelming his world. Can he fight off the monsters from the past and the new enemies from the present? Has he got the skill, guts and faith needed to truly become a legend? Download and find out inside!*****Other Titles In This Series:- Hells Gates (Story #1)- Soul Shards (Story #2)- Hells Gates and Soul Shards (Combined Story Pack)- Bad Friendships (Story #3)- The Eyeless (Story #4)- Sin 3 and 4 (Combined Story Pack)- Lost and Found (Story #5)- Sin: Stories 1-4 (Collection)- Odditys Story (Story #6)- Lost and Found and Odditys Story (Combined Story Pack)- Vampire Mystery (Story #7)- Love and Sin (Story #8)- Vampire Mystery and Love and Sin (Combined Story Pack)- Sin: Stories 5-8 (Collection)- Death of Sin (Story #9)

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