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Nothing prepared Celia Denning for the startling revelations about her family and their past. Too curious, too inquisitive, and too independent, Celia tears her vampire family apart the day she meets the dark god of her dreams. A modern-day Romeo and Juliet, "Sleep" touches the heart of teen love with a delicious twist. The Privame are a ruling class of vampires living in the shadows of a modern world. Centuries of covert domination over humans has given the Privame a sense of elitism. When young Celia Denning falls in love with a bad-boy from another ruling class, she escapes her family and becomes a member of a vagabond vampire tribe, the Travelos. When she becomes more deeply involved with the Travelos, she begins to change into something more than vampire. Sleep, her dark love commands, and with sleep, Celia transforms from the pale Privame of her past to a dark Travelos seer of the future. With change comes conflict: her mother and father will stop at nothing to have her back because Celia is the key to the family's survival. Yet, saving her family would open the door to the horrors her parents have in store for her. With the Travelos, she begins to have visions of the future and becomes their seer. Along the way, Celia learns about everyone's shared heritage. Her life ceases to be her own and she becomes the prize which both sides will fight to the death to win. Danger, death, love and betrayal. But, in the end, does love really conquer all?

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