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On the continents of Atlas and Nereus exists a race of creatures called the Luos. Born with their soul outside their body in the form of a pearl-like jewel known as a Soul Stone, the Luos are able to quickly adapt and evolve and use magic in order to survive in the harsh environments. Among this unique race of creatures is KO, a Luos born with the ability to use a dark affinity of magic never seen before. When KO awakens in an unfamiliar location without any memory of who or what he is, KO embarks on a journey to discover what exactly happened to him. Along the way, he meets Tsavo, Velor, and Leria, former students of three Legendary Heroes that stood up to the Dark Lords of the land. KO joins them on their quest to rescue the Gods of Time and Space, hoping that they can help him with his amnesia. However, KO soon learns that the world isnt kind to those with his abilities. Can KO change the impression about dark magic and help his new friends rescue Time and Space while struggling with his own identity?

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