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What do Karl Marx, Ho Chi Minh, Thomas Paine, Sojourner Truth, Helen Keller, Mother Theresa, Meister Eckhart, Mark Twain, Albizu Campos, Carlos Castaneda, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Paul Robeson, and Hagar the Horrible have in common?Don’t know, but bet you a buck they would’ve liked this story. If I am wrong, I will vote republican. Well, that is a big fat lie. But, the point is, the story is a good read.The story Surfing the Pink Fantastic (The Boy King), has many “snap shots.”A narrator is told by God to tell the truth, and, so, proceeds to lay out the story. There is Mithras, living in Harlem, who we find in the middle of a psychic, or, hallucinogenic, experience, depending on one’s point of view.In this state, Mithras is told the story of The Boy King. Set in a mythical land, this tale combines different mystical traditions, politics, and, silliness, to weave together allegories of both social conflicts and mystical illumination. Centered around Mohammed Al Salik, we follow him as he tries to acquire the moon; an absurd quest, that was prompted by an evil spell. After an intense illumination, he realizes his folly, and starts to make changes accordingly. Towards the end, Mithras finds his visions becoming more socially acute. Finally, the narrator again speaks, this time making his points with a series of sarcastic and off the wall questions and answers.

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