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Judicar Parmour Pelevin rules the ancient kingdom of Procellarium on the environmentally decimated desert moon of a blue world. His stubborn insistence on establishing order, in the name of upholding ancient tradition, sets his own family’s swords against him. But is tradition strong enough to contain the chaos that erupts all around him and throughout his kingdom? The Judicar was pensive. “Who say men that I am, Heterodymus?” Heterodymus' shriveled, lich-like left head answered first: “Men say that you are mad, that you should vacate the throne and let the people rule over their own interests,” it croaked in a high, scratchy voice. He nodded, thinking for a moment, then turned to the other head. “Dexter?” he asked, seemingly unaffected by the brashness of the left-head's comment. The right head responded in a cool, reassuring voice whose cheerful tone contradicted the left head's as much as the godlike, innocent beauty of his own baby face opposed the other's extreme ugliness. “Sinistrum is mistaken. Men say that you are the greatest ruler Procellarium has ever known. A genius in trade and tactics, my lord.” The Judicar weighed their words for a moment. “Madman or genius,” the noble spoke in a dignified manner, without a hint of boasting or over-confidence, “I am their leader. Judicar Parmour Pelevin. And I will uphold the traditions of my people.” An epic fantasy tragedy by World Fantasy Award winning editor and author Forrest Aguirre.

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