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The Adventures of Trapper Jake is a story of a man`s life. It details his life beginning in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, and the adventures he has becoming a mountain man in Montana . It has adventure, action, love, and every emotion a man could feel. It is a metamorphosis of a man's life. Jacob Morrison is an honorable man with a pure heart for God. His adventure includes the life of a friend Jasper Cummings. They share many memorable experiences as they live out the life of mountain men in the mid 1800`s. Their life`s work is trapping, and they also mine and pan for gold. They meet many people and have a lot of different experiences with them. The story will seek to captivate you from the beginning to the end. A friend Pastor Stan Simmons of Faith Chapel in Billings Montana said "I read your book on the way to L. A. today. Quite an adventure. I bet you had a wonderful time writing it. It kept my attention all the way through." This is an adventure from the beginning to the end, aimed at audiences from fifth grade to adult. I have found students from fifth grade on up enjoy it, as well as adults like my friend Pastor Stan. If you like to read about adventure this is for you. The story starts in Philadelphia and ends in Montana with many adventures through out the Americas. You learn of loyalty and honor as well as what it means to be self sacrificingal. They protagonists, two men who are trappers, miners, and mountain, men, are tremendous examples of purity and devotion. This is all done by two men of simple means. I think everyone who reads this will leave with a feeling of satisfaction. Their story will touch your heart. That what they just read touched many areas of their heart ,and they leave with a good feeling after finishing it.

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