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“Oh no,” the goddess cried. “Mother! Mother!” ?Ten years ago, the world changed. The enmity between the Cult of the Earth Mother and ?the other religions of the world was resolved, Maras, chief of the gods, was reconciled with his ?wife, and their daughter Warin left her life as a human and went back to being a goddess. The ?world has had ten years of peace, and Niari, Carlitha and their friends are busy getting on with ?their lives. ?But suddenly things are going wrong. Destinies are going awry, and as goddess of destiny ?it’s up to Warin to fix the problem before something drastic happens down below and the ?course of history is derailed. ?Meantime, in Entroth, a new religion has arisen, and as it spreads like wildfire through the ?nations it becomes apparent that one of its major aims is to kill Niari and Carlitha and their ?friend Mennia. But just who is this new goddess, the Queen of All, and why does she want ?Niari and Carlitha, and Mennia, of all people, dead? And who is her prophetess, the woman ?known as Iltara, who is said to be a sorceress? There aren’t more than a dozen sorceresses in ?the world. Niari and Carlitha know them all by reputation, if not personally, and they’ve never ?heard of Iltara. Is she someone new, or one of others under a different name? Or is she an ?impostor? The answer is rather crucial if they’re to stop her. ?Niari and Carlitha’s brother, King Aanek, places his sisters in protective custody and ?mobilises the Nebrethian intelligence service to find the answers. ?Meanwhile, Warin is labouring to unravel the snarled threads of destiny and find out what’s ?gone wrong so she can work out how to fix it. ?But can they all find their various answers before something really catastrophic happens? ?The Ancient Shrine is an epic fantasy adventure in the best tradition of sword and sorcery. ?Join Niari, Carlitha and their friends as they fight the forces of evil in a world where magic is ?real, where humans can speak to animals, and where the gods are a lot closer than you might ?think. This is the fourth novel in the Daughters of Destiny series, but can be read as a ?standalone novel if desired. ?

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001043428453
    • ISBN:  9781370159390

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