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The Bible has made history, changed societies, created art and also caused murders?quite a lot of murders in fact. The latest one is the killing of Professor Karl Fehr of the University of London. He provided the long missing archaeological proof for a daring theory published by Professor Kamal Salibi, a real (not fictional) Lebanese historian [see his book The Bible came from Arabia, 1985). Based on thorough linguistic and geographical studies he, and later also Fehr, became convinced that all locations and events mentioned in the Old Testament are connected to Asir, a southern province of todays Saudi Arabia, and not to the region of modern Palestine/Israel! Of course hardly anyone is willing to see any truth in that theory. It is not conform with the age-old and commonly accepted interpretation of the Old Testament, and is therefore shocking. No wonder that Salibi in his lifetime and now Fehr with his archaeological proof faced a whole phalanx of enemies, among them Fehrs murderer. Professor Rietberg, Fehrs colleague at the University of London, as the amateur detective with his talents already proven before in other murder cases managed finally to solve this politically sensitive case as well

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