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The Staten Island Ferry Building is almost empty. The Midnight Ferry arrives, the only thing that is different are the people who get on and where they are going. John Dee is looking over the side, drinking a can of beer and smoking a cigar. He sees a very beautiful Chinese girl Suzi Chang, who is somehow familiar to him and he walks up to her and introduces himself. They talk and he finds out that Suzi has come from Hong Kong to attend the college of Black Arts that he is going too. John leans over and kisses Suzi , she starts to kiss him back, then throws him across the deck. The Illuminati. John sits in the principles office drinking a cup of coffee. Dr. Black passes his hand over John's cup and a purple glowing plasma drops into the cup. The liquid has a purpleglow. John drinks it down and it acts like a fast acting drug. The world around him starts to collapse. Images start to flow through Johns mind. It starts to teach him about the Illuminati, its history and the old ones, then it teaches him about Magic at a phenomenal rate, it moves on to Kung Fu and Chi Magic. John feels he is remembering past lifetimes. He sees Suzi. John has lived before. He remembers when he was part of the Illuminati. The Red House initiation takes place in the gardens behind the Frat House Frat. The Red House Frat is a woman only Frat. The initiates are given red hooded long cloaks and a mask. They are naked except for the mask and cloak. The Kung Fu Class starts with Sword Master Chen facing his students in the courtyard of the Martial Arts training grounds. The students space out in a circle around the master. There are forty in the class. All wear black loose fitting karate clothes tied with cloth belts. The Love Nest is a large dark room with a lot of beds with black satin sheets. Wanda stands at the front of the class of students. The lights are low with some red lights and UV lights. The room turns into a moaning orgy of love-making. Viva Las Vegas. Professor Palmer and his students are on route in a private jet direct from the college airstrip to Las Vegas. Palmer is standing at the front of the plane. The party of students get off the plane into waiting limo's. The girls are wearing long cocktail dresses and fur wraps. The Adventure Continues. The class is standing in a clearing near a Forrest and a lake. A road leads into Wrathbone village, behind it is the large dark spooky, Castle Glenn Wrath and in the distance a mountain. There clothes have changed they look like a bunch of adventurers. Some have swords or bows. Colonel Reaper and Suzi stands in front of his Death Squad Unit. They all wear black army fatigues and hold M-16 automatic weapons. Captain Chang is wearing Sunglasses and has a samurai sword strapped on her back. A US Army Jet is fueled and ready to go on the runway. Japanese Garden. Zandra wakes up after a fight with Wanda, in a Japanese room on a futon. She is wearing a white wedding dress with a veil across her face. She gets up and starts exploring the house. Sliding back doors until she comes to a garden. She sees a ghost and realizes that the garden is a graveyard. The ghostly figure looks like Suzi, she wears a Japanese kimono. The Final Battle. Wanda and John stand in the courtyard of the Martial Art training grounds as the skeleton army marches in. Suzi draws her sword. Zandra turns into a red demon. John turns into a large wolf. The wolf leaps at the demon. Some of the skeletons start hacking at the wolf. Wanda casts an ice blizzard and shards of ice fall from the sky. Some of the skeletons freeze and shatter. Wanda throws a bolt of ice at Suzi and Suzi freezes solid. Then Wanda throws a bolt of energy at the demon and it turns back into Zandra and falls to the ground. These are just some of things that happen in The Black Arts.

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