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Estra would never forget the night she lay in smoldering ash and watched while everything she loved was consumed by fire. She was once a pious young woman, living a peaceful life in service to the enlightened. Everything changed when her convent was burned down by followers of the profane sorceress Helena the Defiler. Scarred by the events of the horrifying massacre, Estra joined the church as a paladin of the faith where she was tasked with using her abilities to strike down the heretics that plague the world of Eldrin. That once broken woman grew into a powerful figure of justice, and through her duty, she found a sense of fulfillment in protecting the innocent. As a paladin, Estra is seen as a hero in the eyes of others, but buried deep within her soul is a forever growing thirst for vengeance against the demons of her past. When she's finally given the assignment of purging those responsible for her suffering, Estra embarks on a journey which reveals that the world isn't as black and white as she'd been led to believe.

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