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His name is Perser and he left Atlantis after winning the Junior Games. He was adopted in Ben Taran's family in the Borderlands of the Northern Expanse. Ben Taran is an elf and Perser's best friend. Perser likes to wander though he also enjoys the company and sexual congress of comely women. It was an idyllic time to be young and adventurous. The world had experienced a global catastrophe and was in many respects new. Perser found this interesting and wanted to see the peoples of the world. Also the magic had ended which meant the Atlanteans couldn't dominate through their warlocks. But life often isn't what it seems nor goes in the hoped for directions. Orc assassins want him dead and try to kill him. The first attempt is unsuccessful but their will be other attempts. Does this have anything to do with the goblins making war on all humans and elves? To gain time to understand why he's targeted, why his gifted blade has magical properties he agrees to travel with Ben Taran to escort the sibyl Sardineah to a conclave at the other end of the continent. Why did the wizard gift this magic talisman to a ten year old Perser? What did the wizard, Thaniel, want Perser to do with the sword? Perser needs only to avoid all manner of dangers to provide enough time to learn what he must do with Tang Gathli. This adventure comes from translated manuscripts which are being unearthed at an undisclosed archaeological site (more than one country is involved and the legal entanglements have not been unraveled). The documents, hence referred to as 'The Atlantean Cycles,' relate the history of Atlantis. The 'Wizard's Gift' series chronicles Perser's quest and adventures and gives insight into a late stage of the Atlantean history - the archaeological period designated AT5. This period is prior to the totalitarian state described by Plato and others. Of course, Atlantis, as in any great civilization, had a long evolution in its social, political and economic development. At this time in which Perser and his friends find themselves societies were recreating their material cultures in the aftermath of a global cataclysm which had devastated the planet one hundred years prior to Perser's quest. It had been thought that the catastrophe had also destroyed the magic. In this they were many respects DEAD wrong.

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