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"It was an era when the beginning was at an end, and the end served as a beginning." So writes Kitviel, the Keeper of The Chronicles Of The Children Of Heaven in his introduction. Satan and his minions are determined to have their long awaited prize. The Angels are determined to thwart them. Plans within plans are prepared. Arch-Angels & Satan are involved in a war of great cunning. And Mankind is caught in the middle. To prevent the coming of the dominion of the rule of darkness, Seth sets out on a dangerous journey. He seeks his long lost and banished brother, and then is determined to find the Cherubim knowing full well one wrong word will destroy him forever. Yet Seth instincitively knows this is the last chance of mankind to redeem itself. Lilith watches and plans carefully. Satan remains assured of his prize. The Angels and Arch-Angels decide upon a defense. And upon the earth it is up to but one determined pair, Seth and Aklima to find the lost garden and change the future. The Epic Fantasy "The Chronicles Of The Children Of Heaven" was originally written by the Meyal, Kitviel, who is a Sharret of Nogah. The series begins with Adam & Eve and continue until the Flood, (known as "The Great Deluge" to the Meyal). What takes place upon the Earth during these first years of Mankind's existence is the major concern of books within The Chronicles Of The Children Of Heaven. Subsequently the activities of the Meyal and the Techas, as well as the great confrontations and wars between them, is portrayed. Mankind must decide its own destiny or be ruled by the power of evil.

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