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After reading all three of the Wardstone novels I find myself wanting more. I love Hyden, Mikahl, and Phen. This is a great fantasy trilogy. Well written and worth every penny. The characters may never leave me. - Liz Corwell This anthology contains: Book One - The Sword and the Dragon Book Two - Kings, Queens, Heroes, and Fools Book Three - The Wizard and the Warlord Praise for, The Sword and the Dragon - Book One of The Wardstone Trilogy: Deemed one of the top 10 indie Fantasy releases of 2010 by Fantasy Book Critic, and listed in the first ever Publishers Weekly Indie Select issue, this 235k word epic title was originally written in longhand in a Texas prison cell by M. R. Mathias. - Digital Wizard Overall The Sword and the Dragon (A+) is an impressive debut - a traditional fantasy that manages to be fresh. It succeeds in offering a complete reading experience. See the full review here: --Fantasy Book Critic Fans of Tolkien and CS Lewis will find much to enjoy to enjoy in M.R. Mathias' debut fantasy novel. This is a big book, with a steady flow throughout. Read this book. Take up your sword and get ready for a hugely enjoyable adventure. --Book Smart UK This is an epic fantasy, and I do mean epic. This book is LONG. I'm talking 200,000 plus words, here. Probably three times as long as Harry Potter. A fat fantasy, the kind you would expect from a Jordan or Tad Williams. One should not be put off by the price, because you do get your money's worth. -- Bestselling Author, B. V. Larson Praise for, Kings, Queens, Heroes, and Fools - Book Two of The Wardstone Trilogy: The battle scenes, brawls, mysteries, and adventures kept me turning page after page. Yet it was the close relationships between the main characters that makes this book transcend beyond adventure --Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff It almost isn't fair to compare any Fantasy novel to Tolkien's trilogy but I'm going to say it: if you loved The Lord of the Rings, you will love this book... IF... you are not attempting to compare the two works. Come on, J.R.R. Tolkien's world is a whole different world than the world crafted by Mathias. If the fantasy genre is bigger than Tolkien (and I believe it is), then Mathias also deserves a place in the reader's heart. -- John Cardwell Amazon "Vine Voice' Reviewer Now that I am fully into the trilogy, I can state how amazed I am by the world building and the details. I am in awe of M.R.'s ability to work in details and descriptive passages without them ever being tedious or taking away from the story itself. That takes great talent and for this reason I am one of his biggest fans. Of course there are other reasons too, but I think he is one tremendously talented writer, and I hope he never stops. - Great Imaginations Praise for, The Wizard and the Warlord - Book Three of The Wardstone Trilogy This is the final story of an exciting trilogy. As usual, Mathias does a great job with his descriptions of this amazing fantasy world full of magical creatures. There are some new characters introduced, like Lady Telgra the beautiful elf who plays a major part in helping the humans fight evil. Though she is much older than Phen, or Marble Boy as he's now called, is it possible she's in love with him? -- James E. Liston The Wizard and the Warlord is captivating! You can't stop reading as it will keep you spell bound. Great book. -- Alan Limfat From the Author: It has taken me several years and a lot of sleepless nights to complete this grand work. I hope you like reading this omnibus version of The Wardstone Trilogy as much as I enjoyed bringing it to fruition. You may see some of these characters and places again, but Wardstone has always been intended to remain a trilogy. Without further adieu, please enjoy the HUGE free sample of book one.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
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    • ISBN:  9781370990603

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