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Preston Lomax, a medical student studying at University College London in the early 1970s, was leading the life of a normal university under graduate. His life was fluctuating between late night parties, intense study and lectures. That was until he met doctors Alan Steinman and Lisa Keane, who had just returned from South America. They were carrying out experiments on a highly hallucinogenic plant they had brought back with them and synthesised. Little did he know, his involvement in these experiments was to change his life, and his perception of life - forever.It was during these experiments he came face to face with an event that happened in his past, something long forgotten. In his quest to find out more, his journey took him back to South America and into the world of shamanism, mysticism and altered consciousness.He was also to experience love, intrigue and adventure and find the truth behind nature and spiritual healing. As he learned to travel between different states of consciousness to different worlds, he would find a pathway known only to a few.But would he be able to return to the woman he loved and how would he use this new found knowledge in a world where he might be seen as a charlatan?

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