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A distraught girl appears at the Necromancers doorstep with the misguided hope that her murdered family can be resurrected. What she doesnt know is that her arrival triggers a prophecy spoken two centuries earlier that sets Malakh on the path to a confrontation with an ancient evil long thought extinct - an abomination immune to his magic.Malakh was born with the Gift - the ability to manipulate the environment around him. Yet all he wanted was a simple life; a small farm, a loving wife and a young son to carry on his name. Then the day came when the kings delegates arrive and decree that he is to become a Mage and wield his powers at their discretion. When he refuses, they slaughter his family and leave him for dead. With nothing left in life, he becomes what they demanded. But no one could have envisioned what he would turn into; a man willing to lay waste to everything in his path and damn his own soul for the chance at retribution. For years he studies the dark Art of Necromancy until hes ready to seek his revenge. He becomes the strongest Mage in the known lands, a man capable of raising an army of the dead bent to his will. One by one he hunts down the men who destroyed his life and no one, not even a nations army, can stand against him.Now two centuries later he lives in peace in a neighbouring country and is the trusted advisor to a young monarch. Then the day comes when dAnyala arrives and asks the impossible. "Please bring my family back to life." Her request tears at his heart but he cannot do as she wishes. With no family or home to return to, Malakh offers her the chance at a new life; to join the Malache Habbalah, an elite sect of female warriors. As she begins her new life, the Necromancer prepares for the most vicious battle of his life - the creature that annihilated ds family. Half human, half angel and nearly impossible to kill, the Anakim has been released from its imprisonment to lure the Necromancer to his death. His enemies have long memories and demand payback for his actions two hundred years earlier. How can a mortal man defeat the only creation in existence immune to all magic?

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