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With the world around her going up in smoke – literally – a young mother flees to her family’s secluded cabin with her twin preschool sons. Is there any way they can survive the aftermath of global nuclear war? Kate Dillon struggles to make her way in post-nuclear holocaust America. Her world is in ruins, her family has been devastated, but she has no choice except to carry on. For as long as she can remember, Kate has dreamt of another world - one of horses and castles, swords and spells. She is twin to a queen in that world, the Lady Kathryn. Kathryn rules the land of Abronah with her husband, Aidan, but she is dreadfully ill. Soon she will be gone, and Abronah will be devastated by her loss. She is more than just their queen, she is their talisman, and has for years kept at bay the evil forces of her world. Once she dies, there will be no defense. Kathryn's people realize that Kate exists, albeit in a different world, and that she - like their lost queen - can offer protection to the land and people. Aidan himself comes to Kate in a vision, begging for her assistance. They are under siege from a neighboring country. The ruler of that country, Lord Nox, is a monster, determined to seize power and rule Abronah with an iron fist. Kate agrees to help Aidan and his people, and she accompanies him into his world. Can she help Aidan's people free themselves from the terrible evil that has befallen them?

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