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Lincoln Larkin's most recent novels are so awful that they've pushed him to the brink of self-destruction. Now, those same stories are literally trying to kill him and everyone he gets close to. His novel Vriends is anything but a masterpiece and didn't land him on any bestseller lists, but the characters from this spoof—a quirky group of vampires who crave caffeinated blood—are coming to life and draining innocent people all over the city.  Lincoln can only think of one solution. He wrote himself into this mess, so he'll write himself out of it. He creates Eddie—a bourbon-fueled antihero— and tasks him with stopping the vampires before it's too late. It seems like a sure-thing: drink bourbon, kill vampires, repeat. But, of course, it's never that easy. Eddie and Lincoln will have to put their trust in each other and join forces with the enemy. Mix in a little faith and they might just get out alive. THE EDITOR is a spoof comedy thriller mashup with a dash of nostalgia. You'll laugh, cry, and be left wondering what Lincoln and Eddie will get themselves into next.

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