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    Linda Harrisons life is complicated; in her fifteen years, she has always struggled to find some sense of self and home. Thanks to the demands of her fathers job, her family has relocated so many times that shes lost count. Now theyre setting up a new life in Sunrise Valley, Nevada, and nothing in Lindas life could have ever prepared her for the challenges to come. Weird things start to happen to her, and she begins to think shes losing her mind. But what she doesnt know is that fate has big plans in store for her. Shes really an Element, a special young person with the ability to control one of the four eternal elements. Lindas element is waterbut even on the day she causes a major plumbing disaster in her own home, she refuses to accept the obvious. When her strange necklace attracts the unwanted attentions of a mischievous monster known only as Acid Lady, however, Linda finally begins to believe everything just might be happening for a reason after all. She turns to Mr. Jake, her English teacher, for helpand learns that he is also an elemental magician. Mr. Jake trains his young apprentice in the ways of her new, extraordinary powers, in hopes of defeating the wicked Acid Lady. Is Linda really one of the chosen onesor is she just part of a creepy conspiracy to hide the gifted one? And if she is the next Element, is she ready?

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