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Fallen into darkness by their lust for power, a band of rogue Elves claim all magical talismans as their own, absorbing powers so strong that they cannot bear the strain, losing themselves completely and becoming banished, changed into Dark Elves. The Dark Elves create an evil life form that spawns dark minions of its own to sweep through the land and take all magic for itself. Its Takers run unchallenged, destroying all life forms that could threaten their master. Massed by the thousands, they descend across the land leaving death in their wake. As war between Elves and Men begins, sorcerers are called to intervene, only to discover the demon army closing in fast. Elves and Men must form an alliance as their only chance to survive. The Elves race to create talismans, as a band of Men discover that they may hold the one key to defeating the horde: an ancient sword with unlimited power. As a group of men search for the fabled sword, they realize that a demon posing as one of them is also searching. If it can get the sword before they do, then hopes for winning the war are over. Meanwhile, Tane and Qenn, two brothers fleeing from demons, are saved by a sorcerer and discover that their fates are more intertwined with the evil than they would have ever imagined. Tane and Qenn depart from each other and begin their own perilous quests, with the fate of the world resting in their hands.

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