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A family of five Sunda clouded leopard cubs (sucklings) have been separated from their mother and father. The year is early 1900s, and the place is the Island of Borneo. The cubs run to safety and jump into a large hole in a freshly cut tree, a tree that’s being shipped to Texas for pulp. The ship leaves the port, and after some time at sea, it’s hijacked by a ruthless pirate. The pirate has no love for cats, and a wandering cub is thrown overboard by the coldhearted Captain Bok. After struggling to stay afloat and fighting the waves, the cub gives up. He surrenders his life and begins his descend to the oceans floor. But a baby humpback whale named Sylva sees the cub. She swims to him and gently puts him in her mouth. She swims to the top of the waves, holds him steady until he begins to breathe again and again until he regains his strength. Throughout the story, the two bond in a most loyal relationship. The cubs, after reaching Texas, have gone astray in hopes to find milk. They wander through the hottest of deserts. There they collapse in front of a cave, and it surely looks like they will die. Suddenly, there is a bat named Hocus. She sees their condition, she flies back into the cave screaming for help. The bats decide to save the cubs, but the only way is for the cubs to nurse from a bat. A queenlike figure named Gentivia, takes responsibility for nursing them. All is fine as the cubs grow, but Nikola, the bats’ scientist, due to the sudden change of milk, has warned of a possible mutation. And make no mistake about it, mutate they do. The story unfolds as the leopards grow and mutate. Their existing strengths and qualities develop, so each of them end up with individual strengths, abilities, and powers. One in, particular is called upon by a star in the sky. His powers are the strongest. Even though he is a joker and allows himself to be led around by a female mountain lion, he is nevertheless powered by a star. (Did I mention how hard he fell for her? You’ll see.) Of course, his brothers are nothing short of superheroes themselves, for they too play an important role in conquering the notorious pirate “Captain Bok” or the villains of Bat City. The villains have crooked politicians in their back pocket, which allows them to do whatever it takes for their selfish profits. Together they must find the man responsible for robbing the bank and leaving the townfolks almost penniless and expose the men responsible for terminating the town’s marshal, a good straight-up college-grad Indian who has kept law and order in Bat City since he was sent there by the US Marshal’s office some five or six years ago. The villains forced him to head into the mountains to once again find his roots, but he doesn’t go alone; you can be sure of that. Along the way, the leopards have many adventures. One in particular concerns Nikola, the greatest bat scientist of all, for he works tirelessly on his new invention—time travel. And after a few blunders, by which he accidentally sends a few of his friends back in time some thirty million years or so, only to be chased by a shortface bear and a flock of pterodactyl, or to bring home an eohippus (a fifteen-inch tall horse with claws, no less). The story, at least for a while is focused on finding this little horse a home, and once they do, get ready and hold on to your seats for the greatest horse race in all the land is about to take place. People came from far, far away to witness the outcome of this race I can tell ya, for sure it will warm your hearts. But let’s face it, where there is good, sometimes, there is bad. In this case, I’m referring to the bats, for there is a gang of them forming and are led by the notorious Bullrat. He’s a bully and hungry for power. He will stop at nothing to get his piece of the pie, so to speak. And for sure, you will see the loyalty one leopard has for his whale friend Sylva, for the same pirate who threw him overboard is now in pursuit of her and the rest of the whales, for they will bring a big price in the black market. The story I bring you, I consider a love story—a story of loyalties and sharing of not only their adventures but also of their thoughts, passions, and promises; a story where good triumphs over evil; a story where believing in positive changes can make a big, big difference. You’ll see that our batgirls are in love with leopards, but let’s be honest, we have to realize that female bats can’t possibly fit into the life of a leopard, especially those that are superheroes, or can they? So let’s follow Nikola’s pursuit of science, a leopard in pursuit of a notorious pirate, an American Indian who fought the odds to end up a marshal in a town that once turned their back on him, and let’s not forget the horse race where a young Afro-American farmhand gets to ride in a most prestigious race. So I hope I gave you enough of my story for you to open your hearts and minds and be plenty excited about, and not to worry, there is plenty, plenty more. For this story is for everyone, and it doesn’t end here.  

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001121496022
    • ISBN:  9781640791510

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