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Living in a world where monsters roam freely and magic is performable should have taught Teralia Nina that anything is possible. However, having been sheltered away by her father and knowing nothing of her mother, she doesn’t witness much of the wonders that occur around her. Additionally, being nothing more than a regular human means that she is incapable of magic, and therefore must follow all of the rules and guidelines set in place for her.Until now.With no warning at all, Teralia is blessed with unique powers unlike anything she has ever heard of before. Yet, these talents are accompanied by extreme negative consequences, the most frustrating of which is sourced in her inability to gain control over these new powers.But when Teralia’s father is kidnapped, and she herself is stolen away, she is forced to put these newfound skills to use in order to defend herself and rescue her only remaining parent. She must entrust her life to dangerous monsters, protect herself from enemies who want her dead for reasons she doesn’t understand, and hope desperately that she is able to learn how to use her abilities before someone gets killed. Although these challenges are proving to be more difficult than she expected, Teralia is determined to get her father back, no matter what kind of monsters stand in her way.Even so, her foe, a young woman who goes by the name “Light”, is more powerful than she could have imagined, and Teralia’s lack of courage also prohibits her from simply challenging this evil villainess and seizing her father; she must first be trained how to fight, yet trouble follows her around wherever she goes. And her worst problem is that her perception of who she really is has been challenged, and it seems that only Light knows her true identity.And that identity is the exact reason why she was targeted in the first place.

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