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Robin Jones lives an ordinary life until she learns a shocking, dark secret that forever changes her life! In The Evil Twin's Diary, Robin Jones, a young career woman whose own world is crumbling, discovers the diary of a paranormal being. The Evil Twin's writings reveal its many acts of manipulating others solely for its amusement. These acts cause detriment to the economy, which falls squarely and heavily upon the people of "Main Street." In fact, the being's actions contribute to the ever expanding divide between "Wallstreet" and "Main Street." Further, although The Evil Twin has a powerful hold in business, its manipulations cross into politics and any other place in which greed can thrive if ethics are pushed to the side. You, too, can read The Evil Twin's Diary and learn the Evil Twin's secrets. But are you brave enough for a glimpse into the mind of The Evil Twin? The Evil Twin is derived from an economic concept contrived by the author as a counter force to the Adam Smith's Invisible Hand Theory. However, no special economics knowledge or business knowledge is needed to enjoy this book. The story contains a few brief explanations that provide all readers need to follow along.

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