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‘In the world of kings and queens,Lived a man of unmatched heart,He was bound by its strength and yet,It would shatter before the commencement of his part.This man was curtailed,According to the standards of old,But his deficiency had a purpose,It would begin as the dormant link did unfold.Two blessings bestowed upon him,They were his bird and flame,One soul to fly away,A second to be the same.A war without reason waged,And infringed upon the land,It was then the link awakened,As his soul burned in his hand.A fall survived by none,Shall drag him from the dark,A beacon of light to save him,A beacon to make its mark.In place of his unmatched heart,He now had unmatched power,His soul’s silver light shall guide him,Til’ the dimming hour.Without the existence of auburn,The man shall live no more,The fire shall reign unchallenged,Unless the shards restore.The Fury comes to find you,The Fury has a plan,The Fury shall save us all,But he burns you where you stand.’

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