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Once upon a time...the calm of the woods called to Crimson. making her feel welcome among the trees. Then she finds the note in the hollow of the tree, and strikes up a friendship with a boy she has never met. But he disappears along with the white wolf frequenting the area.Then danger returns and lurks in the dark shadows of the forest, waiting on its unsuspecting prey...Little Red is Crimson in this shifter fairy tale and the big bad wolf? Well, there are a few wolves and only one which is bad. He hasnt been seen in ages when he suddenly turns back up, ready to attack, but Crimson has a protector in the white wolf and the man she is courting, named James. A handsome suitor no doubt, but can he fill the hole left by the boy that left the sweet notes in the tree for her so long ago?*This novella was written in the intent for it to be a sweet, southern-style, shifter fairy tale with Red Riding Hood under tones.*

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