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by Jennifer Beck and Lucy Stewart The Guardian Knights: It's Time to Take Sides Over 4,000 years ago… …in the land of Sumeria in ancient Mesopotamia, there existed a mighty kingdom, revered as the Land of the Gods. The inhabitants knew the divine secret of connecting their energy to create a prosperous existence. Other, more ancient civilizations, foretold of a time when the world would be divided. Darkness would enter man’s heart and humanity would have to choose sides. Mother Earth would suffer tremendous catastrophes from human choices; a new era would begin. The prophecy is about to be fulfilled… Seventeen-year-old triplets Monaco, India and Egypt Waters are seniors at a Washington D.C. high school. Monaco is a social butterfly; India, the bookworm, is focused on her entrance into Harvard; while Egypt, diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, is a physics genius. Each of the girls, like most members of their family, has a special ability, a psychic power about which they never talk to their friends, but which they’ve always taken for granted … until they’re forced to think differently one seemingly ordinary day. What the girls don’t know, but are about to find out through a terrifying series of events, is that they come from a family that is far from ordinary, and they are about to become part of world-changing events that are almost too big and too frightening to comprehend. Uncover the secrets and experience the adventures of supernatural warfare, betrayal, love and murder. Which side are you on? Enter if you dare…

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