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Content synopsis: There are two things which can deeply shock people’s hearts, one is the sublime code of ethics in our hearts, and the other one is the gorgeous starry sky over our heads-- Kant. When Sheilor held back his eyes from this line of words, really saw those numerous like sesames stars behind the dust for the first time, was not shocked by, but was angry instead: The stars outside of the region’s sky are so dazzling, who can bear it? If he is shined by these lights everyday, it’s afraid that he will become those stupid wild cats shined by the headlamp in the mine tunnel! So Sheilor gave up the dream to become an auxiliary officer of a noble female warship commander, began to fall in the effect of the gravitation force, fall, fall to become a nonnative poor boy to guard the entrance, a selling body poor man, an engaged in trivial works male nanny… In the magnificent upsurge big era, showing the white teeth, narrowing the eyes and having the silly smile, clothing in the inexplicable splendor, marching toward the nobody knows distance one step by one step. ………… ………… Sheilor, a citizen of the East Forest Region, left from a deserted half-abandoned planet, possessed some bizarre knowledge in his mind, his body also possessed the strength that nobody ever got in touch with in this world, not confused at all and only contented with his lot absurdly to enter into this most boring and also most interesting world. The life of the Guest, should be very exciting.

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