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This is the first book in a series of book. It has adult language and some mild violence. The series is about two factions who are battling to accumulate the 30 pieces of silver Judas received to betray Jesus. Judas is the leader of a group of vampires who want the silver to set things right in the universe. The second group, the Silver Hunters, is comprised of men and women who have been exposed to the silver and gained near-immortality and special powers. They want the silver to control the universe. The books are short, but are released every 3-6 months instead of every year. It isn't necessary to start at the first book, as they can be enjoyed stand-alone as well. The Hanging starts with Kim having a dream about a man being hanged in the late 1800s in San Diego. Her cat Jingles, knocks jewelry box off the refrigerator and it breaks. She and her roommate, Simon, discover an old journal and a silver necklace. Kim wears the necklace. Simon starts reading the journal Kim is saved from a strange apparition by a Buddhist monk who calls himself Frank. Frank tells Kim he is there because of her dream. She is unconvinced until a strange occurrence in her house. Kim, Simon, Frank and Jingles pile into Simon’s car and head to San Diego. Following them is Simon’s mother Suzy, who is an overbearing worry-wart that always butts into Simon’s life. Also following them are two vampires dressed as cowboys, named Will and Pat. They turn out to be Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, and vampires. The journal is the diary of Thomas Whaley, one of the founders of San Diego. Whaley built his house over the spot where they hanged a convicted rowboat thief. The journal explains why. At the end of the journal is a grimoire that Frank wants to use to banish the demon of San Diego. He purports that the men chasing them want to do the opposite. This book’s action is about a demon and which group is going to get to him first, but there is also historical accuracy. There really was a Thomas Whaley who really did build his house over the spot of a hanging. They give tours of the Whaley House in Old Town San Diego, and it is purported to be one of the most haunted houses in America. There are also historical anecdotes that led me to write the vampires as Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett. The Billy the Kid mythology is well-known. His body was never shown and many believe Pat Garrett didn't really kill him. Less known, is the story of a man at a bar in Tombstone, Arizona, who was shot over an argument in which he insisted he should be called Billy the Kid (this was a month after Billy the Kid was supposedly shot by Garrett). This Billy was taken to the doctor's house where he lingered for hours before dying. His body also was never shown. Pat Garrett was shot by a neighbor over a dispute about something or someone killing the neighbor’s sheep. A special coffin had to be shipped in from the east. The reason given was that Garrett was such a large man, one had to be special ordered. The book was fun to research and write, and I hope the reader enjoys it even more.

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