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Isabella lived in the dreamlike landscapes of the Invisible Realm until, one day, she awakens to find herself in a very different land - The Tactile Plain. Questioning her predetermined life upon the Volcano Isle, she hears a faint call toward another destiny. She sets off on the perilous journey toward the Greater Lands with nothing but a puzzling dream to propel her, but she is not alone for long. Three others have also heeded the call: Aaron, Wry, and Cara. Together, they travel, often accompanied by the mysterious Eirtherol. They do not know it yet, but they are on a mission to rejoin the Invisible Realm to the Tactile Plain. They have an enemy in the heinous Lesser Princes of Barren who would stop them on their quest. Still, the Invisible Realm persists, seeking to bring forgotten beauty and grace back to the Tactile Plain. Isabella listens for guidance from her far-off home, pursuing the position that only she can fill as goodness converges against the forces of malevolence.

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