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A new Inventor Girl heroine is born! From the Sisters of Perpetual Evolution: Most people know about Icarus because he flew too close to the sun with the wings his father, Labyrinth inventor Daedalus, created for an escape from the Greek island Crete, in the days when it was inhabited by the Minoans. There was quite a story behind that tragedy, full of twists and turns. We think there is much to the myth that is relevant to the 21st Century, with its chaotic family dynamics, questionable behavior, and misguided inventiveness. But we are of the opinion that there is an even more interesting view of the events which has never before come to light and which now demands telling, and we believe that Petra Volare, whose journal we have fortuitously stumbled upon, is the perfect person to do that telling... But just who is Petra Volare, and what IS in that journal? On ancient Minoan Crete, 11 year old Calice, whose existence has been kept secret from her famous inventor father, decides she has learned all she can by watching her father and artist brother from the shadows of the Grand Palace where she lives. A budding inventor herself, she renames herself Petra Volare, and ventures forth, recording her observations and invention sketches, her vivid past-life dreams, and her thoughts about the mysterious Cave of the First Ones, where she discovers her true destiny. Through her journal we follow Petra Volare as she meets people who have clearly been waiting to help her— Phoenicia the herbalist, who is much more than just an old wise woman and who teaches her about the power of dreams and dream tea; Arkalochori, much more than a master sword-maker; Ariadne, not only the ruler’s daughter, but an ally who leads Petra to a life-changing discovery ; and Petros, a sailor who teaches her the Star Stories that will guide her to her greater destiny. Petra’s thoughts and sketches reveal that, in the true story behind ancient Greek myths of the Labyrinth, no one is who they seem, and in the race to save the lives of her beloved brother and her best friend, an inventor’s best tool is her intuition. In her own words: Someone has given me papyrus and the tools to write, so I will record my thoughts, even though common wisdom is that nothing a Palace worker girl who has only seen eleven seasons of the Bull might think about is worth knowing. Common wisdom could not know that I am born of Naucrate, worker of the palace of Minos, but also of Daedalus, Minos’s personal inventor, and so my stories of straddling two worlds might be worth knowing. Clearly someone has decided it to be so…Mother will not be pleased...

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