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Tor is a 16 year old squire to Lord Aries. Like the many other squires, he has a dream to one day become a knight. Yet today he was about to meet someone who would change everything, a similar aged squire who has just pulled a rusted old sword from some rock at a tournament and the crowd want a king! The start of a new life, new friendships and adventures as Tor discovers who he wants to be and the reality of the dream. Think you know King Arthur and Excalibur? What about the scabbard itself? Tor knows more than he ever wanted to know and his new friend just seems to cause him more grief everyday. With a lack of family around him and problems with his father in the past, he is a squire trying to work out what he wants to do and who he wants to be. While a skilled swordsman, yet useless horseman, Tor faces the reality of what being a knight one day might be like, especially when finally on the battlefield he has face true survival for the first time. Then there is that old man called Merlin and where do he fit in?

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