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Following the events of ‘Soldiers of Ares’ we find our protagonist Maximus in the ‘owls nest’ castle in Athens. Although officially Max and his companions are the guests of the Goddess Athena, they feel more like prisoners as Max, Hedger and Rex are not allowed to leave the tower they reside in. As for their other companions Daedalus has resumed his duties as Advisor to the Goddess, Achilles left for the Battlefront along with Odysseus to help in the war against Mars, and there is no news from Mia since she left to meet with Athena’s magical division on the day they arrived. But all is not well as they soon learn that local population is less than happy to host them as they are citizens of Mars. A turn of events forces Maximus to partake in a city wide festival that hosts prominent figures from around the world, while outside the city the tensions rise as the war between Mars and Minerva rages on. with so many dangerous and mysterious forces within the city due to the festival, No one can be trusted. In this game of life and death played between literal Gods, Maximus must find a place and survive till the end.

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