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Mick Farrow: sailor, soldier, and adventurer.  He almost died fighting at the hands of his enemies, and became something much more.  He saw behind the shining curtain of reality, and began to travel between worlds, using astounding powers that mortal men only dream of.  Alone and unchallenged, Mick becomes the ultimate tourist, going where wind and whim wills him… But Mick is not alone, and he is not unnoticed. Others move across the worlds, and Mick must decide if he can trust his new-found brethren…their powers, both wondrous and terrifying, are part of this new tribe that has adopted Mick.  Just as numerous are the questions that he must confront about who his people are, where they came from, and what his part will be in their future… At the heart of the mystery of their origin is an ominous figure, the Stranger, who may hold the answers to all of their questions.  Catching him long enough to ask is one problem, and the fact that he hates them all is quite another… On top of it all, Mick must contend with agents of a new and powerful faction within his tribe whose master plan threatens to sunder forever the many worlds that spin in Mick’s universe! In Mick’s hands, the fate of the Lost Tribe resides. No pressure, Mick.

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