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“What do you do when the fabric of the Multiverse has been ripped asunder, the Sisterhood of Wicca has fixed a price on your head and it’s literally raining cats and dogs?” So starts this roller-coaster of a book as our intrepid hero, Howard, finds himself transported through a time warp into another world. He meets strange creatures such as Benecia, a shape-shifting Meriodon who disdains food and survives by sucking the life force out of living creatures, including humans. And then there’s Arnie, his Aardvark sidekick and fellow adventurer who just happens to talk. Constantly pursued by the Sisterhood of Wicca, a female mafioso gang intimidating and controlling the local people, Howard and his new friends must negotiate their way through all sorts of dangers as he seeks a way back to his own planet and time plane. With more twists & turns in the plot than a warehouse of Mobius Strips, the author has created a highly enjoyable romp through time & space, written in his own inimitable and deadpan style.

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