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Two hundred years ago, Christopher planted an enchanted rose which began Fairyland Old, in the age when fairies ruled the entire magical realm in harmony with the creatures of the woods and the monsters who dwelled there. That is, until the greed of the monsters drove the fairies to banish them, in which the lands were divided to become Fairyland and Monsterland. Now Kay and Rob, two adventurous friends, make their way into the forest and eat magical berries that whisk them away to the wondrous world. But, why are they there? What is the purpose? They soon uncover the deep secrets of the land hidden within the pages of two ancient books; the Book of Fairies and the Book of Monsters. Yet one book remains, the Lost Book, which fell away and was thought to be gone forever. But, who has the Lost Book? What awaits within it? Kay and Rob question this and more. What power does the precious Rainbow Crystal hold and even more importantly, who is the famed Christopher that the books foretell of? Answers are found through a journey of self discovery by the children and the simple act of believing in themselves and others leads them to the truth.

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