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Lord Drakileon, Wielder of the Dark Will, turns out to be the greatest foe of the good peoples of the mortal world. Of formless bearing, he cannot even be overcome by the combined powers of the five Gragodonian emblems. It is this formless adversary who, in earlier times, first endowed the Priestesses of Wons, Lord Dalgon of the Mountain Folk, Angulor – Droll Lord of Lavadea, Tormari – famed forger of the Black Bangle, Mondilozar – erstwhile monarch of Belgond and LoJadr - royal Sorcerer of LoMun realm, with potent might to strike back at the races of the good peoples. With his mystical might, Lord Drakileon returns Tormari, Naevalona and Grelzu, all of them powerful Sorcerers, from the nether world back to the mortal plane. Tormari’s previous full-bodied frame is restored to its previous wholesome self. To overcome the bearers of the Gragodonian emblems, each of the stalwarts of Drakileon’s chosen army is gifted with a mighty blazing sword. Nagrod, self-appointed leader of the Seeker folk, and the present bearer of the Black Bangle, Elder Tolhers, are all brought together by the mystical powers of the formless creature. Realizing that there is little time to lose, Gleideress Luudva, ousted leader of the Seeker folk, hurriedly seeks out the five emblem bearers. Yashti, bearer of the Pendant emblem, and Orlinda, bearer of the Crown emblem proceed towards Varnosia where the bearers of the Staff, Sceptre and Shield emblems are gathered. Thrijond, elderly steward of the underwater realm of the Oceaneoples, and possibly the most powerful Sorcerer of the mortal realm, refuses to join in the battle against Lord Drakileon and his mighty army, fearing that his underwater world would be destroyed by Drakileon’s supremely mystical powers. The earliest Emblem bearers had been forewarned never to come together. In this most devastating of battles to be fought, and with all the Emblem bearers coming together for the first time to fight a common foe, the warning of those ancient times sounds a precursor of doom to the far-seeing eyes of Gleideress Luudva. She is aware that the original task of the present Emblem bearers to destroy the Black Bangle of Belgond has yet to find fruition. Compared to the mystical might of Lord Drakileon’s chosen warriors, the Emblem bearers are totally outclassed. And yet, an imminent battle looms against the background of a darkening horizon. The future of all the different races of mortal beings rests upon the outcome of this greatest battle on the plains of Minodin Vale. Many of the gallant stalwarts of this compelling tale are sure to lose their all in this most heroic of battles ever to be fought.

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