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Donnie was a man with certain talents. Talents that separated him from most of humanity and had led him to a peace-keeping organization known only as The Order. Now though it was time for Donnie to do his job and find others who needed the guidance of The Order to live up to their potential.Gina had never thought she was special. She simply did what she had to do to make sure everyone in the desert village she came from could survive and maybe even be happy. Then the strange man with the awe-inspiring physical abilities came and said she had what it took to do more for herself and the world.Now Donnie and Gina must travel the nation of Lestria before they can return to the safety of The Orders community. For everyone who seeks to preserve peace though there are dozens who want to destroy it. A few of these chaos-loving individuals have found extreme power of their own and assembled their own army.The time for conflict is now and as the battles rage in both cities and the wild lands in between, Donnie must find out if he really has what it takes to be a hero and protect Gina until she finds the power within herself to shape her own destiny and secure the future she wants for herself.

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