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Take a set of aged and somewhat confused gods. Add to this a rampaging and bottomless box, about to cause a terminal event on the backwater planet of Tharin. Throw in a deaf mystic, who sends a complete and utter coward on the most important mission in the planets history - and you have the basis for the strange and peculiar story of The Quest. When Longmar, the hero of the hour, is mistakenly sent to avert the predicted destruction of Tharin, it is his misfortune to become involved with the fabled and immensely brave warrior, Philip. But Longmars trouble does not end there. Soon, the powerful wizard, Rizla Greenpaper is added to the growing band. The wizard enlists the help of Slick, an elf cooler than a chilled beer, and Dungerk, a dwarf with a galactic attitude problem. Longmars difficulties rapidly grow from infancy, to full-fledged adulthood. Under the guidance of Morlock Stickbender, an incompetent and near-blind guide, the party start out. Unbeknown to them, however, a contract has been taken out on their lives, using Venganaught, a deadly hit-man. So venture into these pages if you dare. But be warned - you may not come out of them at all the same.

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