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With his hope in the Dragon Gods shattered, Sarzen Alnem seeks another way to save his people from their mortal foes. A mysterious thief tells Sarzen and his friends of a legendary weapon known as the Salvation Sword, which could help them save their people from destruction. But to get to the Sword, Sarzen and his friends will need to travel even further than they already have, to the birthplace of humanity itself, and deal with the dangers that await them there. Helnia Alnem has settled back into normal life in the capital of her home country, but when one of her students is kidnapped by the monstrous Draymens, she must ally with a mad mage in order to save her student's life. And if she fails, then not only will her student die, but she herself will fall into the hands of her enemies, who intend to sacrifice her and her brother to resurrect their dark god. In the final book of The Dragon God Chronicles, revelations will be uncovered, questions will be answered, and the final conflict between good and evil will commence.

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