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Synopsis The Stone Mirror Have you ever felt watched as you lie in bed sleeping? Ever woke from a dream so intense, so real, that reality took some time to click in? Science has long discussed the probability that what happens to you in a dream, might affect your real life. Meet Ivan Wolf, orphaned at an early age and placed in a Japanese Shaolin monastery. He grow up being taught how to be a master assassin, a highly graded martial artist and a mercenary. After a chaotic, dangerous life he settles in Norway, where he creates a ”normal” life. Ivan Wolf belongs to an elite of martial artists that has learned the craft the old way. His upbringing and life has been made after the famous book Go Rin no Sho by Mushasi. One night, he encounters strange happenings in a dream, a dream real enough to knock his dog unconscious. After that, one happening after another makes sure life does not return to any shade of normal. Wolf is dragged into one strange thing after another, and he finds that dreams can indeed hurt you. He has to use everything he has ever learned, and in the process he also involves both modern science and old shamanism. The action in the book are placed in Scandinavia, preferably in Oslo, Norway’s capitol and in northern Sweden, in the region of Lapland. Scandinavia is full of old folklore, legends and beings not used to the light of day. The story spins around some of these old legends, legends that are still alive today among the aboriginals here up north.

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