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"LET ME SEE THAT OTHER WORLD AND KNOW THAT IT IS REAL." Blake William knows that worlds exist beyond what he can see and touch. Years of studying the occult have brought him tantalizingly close to what he seeks—close enough to draw the attention of the Strand Society, malevolent conspirators who jealously guard their knowledge of the Strands that make up all existence. Alex Tannersley has defected from the society and recruited Blake and musician Alma Vida to take the Society down. In an effort to protect itself the Society sends Macaria Tully, an assassin determined to become the embodiment of death, to end Alex’s rebellion. For her there is no greater glory than the transcendent beauty of annihilation. Alex seeks the Society's destruction. Blake yearns for holy truth. Alma pursues the song of creation. Macaria wants them all dead. And the Strands have their own ideas...

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