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Mavet, the God of Death, has an army of demons and after thousands of years of exile has enough strength to win a war against the Elohim. To lead his army into battle, he needs a seer, a Chozeh, who can find the path to paradise. Zale is just learning that she can see what others do not--including the Man in the Black Suit, who she last saw as a child, the night her father died. At camp in the Arizona mountains, she sees the terrifying figure once more, and is soon being stalked and chased by Mavet's demon servants. The demon-worshipping Cult of Lilith is also on her trail, and even the angels want to destroy her; they fear the strength of Mavet and his army, and will do anything to prevent Zale from leading the demons to their home in paradise. Zale, with her friends Demir and Shehri, have no one else to trust. They have to rely on one another, and their growing knowledge and abilities, to survive. Can Zale uncover the truth about who she is and what she is capable of before Mavet destroys everyone she loves? And can she do it before the demon uses her to start a war in Heaven?

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